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Vendetta Online 1.6.10

Further bugfixes, with an additional change to bring all addons (including weapons and the like) into use as trade items. All items can now be carried as cargo and bought/sold as trade items. This will be expanded upon as the economy is redone and the production of items becomes more directly tied to the resources acquired in a given area. Additionally, Michael has been making changes to his pirate bots, so please give him feedback there. Luis has new Hive models in the works, which will hopefully be used with the expansion of the hive into a full production entity (three hives in the universe, each with unique models). I'm still working on UI related reduxes, as is Ray, but I've been a bit delayed by my other (life) responsibilities.

Andy is making progress on the Mission Editor. I know I've posted that about 50 times, but we really are hoping to make the editor available to the userbase in the immediate future. Really. Honest. When that becomes available, an application process will be announced.


- fixed a lua error when player receives a license level increase
- fixed problem with pressing OK in Change Video Driver dialog and driver wasn't changed
- changed 'Civilian textiles' to 'Civilian Textiles'
- license levels are only checked when equiping addons
- license levels are not checked when purchasing addons (but accomplishments, etc... still are)
- license levels are always displayed
- addons can be put into ship cargo area
- more trade goods.