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Vendetta Online 1.6.13

Bugfix and UI tweak release. Mostly some minor changes to the "optional" station interface and the "optional" heads up display. More and larger changes are in the works, as well as some new interfaces. So if the new HUD still has some issues, don't sweat it too much (although feel free to post to the release thread on the forums). I haven't personally seen most of these changes yet, so I hope they're all good (bigger responsibilities at home, for the moment).

Work is also progressing on the Hive and the new economy, which are somewhat interrelated. We've also been spending time trying to track down some really irritating intermittent bugs on our back-end, which make it more difficult to make changes to the universe reliably. Bugs always slow things down, and these are especially annoying.. we've been trying to squash them for months. But, now we're expending more effort, since they intersect unpleasantly with a lot of the new features we're trying to implement. Yay debugging.


- fixed bug with not being able to chat while jumping/warping
- fixed bug where ending a mission may not update the available mission list
- all ships in a station are visible but not purchasable
- all items show their license requirements everywhere now
- sort unusable (but purchasable) addons to the bottom of the lists
- addon names are red in new station buy menu if they are purchasable but not equipable. they have a grey background if they are not purchasable due to them being too expensive
- new hud options in Options->Interface->HUD Settings (only works for new HUD, not the default HUD)
- ship name doesn't show up in target scan info region anymore
- when cargo floating in space is selected, it displays what it is in the target info region instead of the target scan info region
- changed selected color of text list boxes
- default HUD license watch is now Light Weapons instead of Combat
- station and pda main tabs are a little smaller now
- display fact that there are no active missions if there are no active missions in mission log
- portconfig displays stats of items in ports, etc...
- equipment sell tab contents are broken into types, like the buy tab is
- ship mass is displayed in personal info on right side of pda and station menus
- Ion Blasters dropped by hive bots are now labeled as Hive Ion Blasters
- moved station bar into commerce tab
- don't notify player when someone leaves the bar
- showbarupdatenotification config.ini setting
- new powerbar textures for new hud
- new radio button texture
- changed uv coordinates of new hud powerbar skins