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Vendetta Online 1.6.14

Bugfix and UI tweak release. We *are* working on bigger stuff, but there's a lot going on right now, and we really need to get the new UI solid and in production before we can move on and focus all of our efforts in more exciting directions. The production Hive is still coming, and that's going to make for yet more changes. Andy's also made great progress on that long-awaited mission editor project, so we should be shedding light on that shortly. In the meantime, some more tweaks and a few bugfixes:

- Corvus stations don't have license restrictions for equiping weapons
- right-justify ammo prices in Welcome menu
- added 'c' to end of credit string in secondary info region
- new equipment sell menu uses tree control to see and sell local items.
- moved tabs around
- merged ship status and select tabs in new interface
- mission timer is in location region for PDA and station menus
- purchase preset button is greyed out if there is nothing defined for that preset
- moved some buttons around in Purchase Ship menu
- "You cannot afford this item." is displayed in info of item if you cannot afford it
- mouse wheel up defaults to "Select Next In Front"
- fixed some lua errors
- removed mouse-over sounds from edit boxes