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VO 1.7.1 / 1.7.2

1.7.1 was released Monday, a patch/bugfix release featuring the following:

- mission abort button should always work in Mission Logs tab
- chat maximize button is now 'x'
- fixed some misc lua errors
- changed positions of some mandatory tutorial menus
- made mandatory tutorial fonts a little smaller at higher resolutions
- Changed CombatDrone back to having a larger firing angle.
- Changed TrainingBlaster and Blaster01 to not have as much inaccuracy.

1.7.2, released tonight, features some new minor features and tweaks, with bigger stuff coming next week:

- guilds now disband after 48 hours if the number of council members goes below the minimum required number of 5 council members
- guild creation doesn't require all 10 founding members to be online at the same time, but the creator still needs to be online to invite players and the player needs to be online when they are invited
- update the interface when a guild tag update comes in
- clear guild tag of whoever leaves a guild
- update guild tab when player is removed from a guild
- clear out name in character delete verifier dialog when it opens