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Vendetta Online 1.7.3

A few changes, a few new additions, a few bugfixes. The biggest change is probably the Storm behaviour. Storms now limit your radar range to 500 meters, and the storm entry/exit points are the same for everyone traversing the sector (although which is entry and which is exit depends on your source and destination). Thus, pirates could await their quarry in storms; and escorting ships should now be a little more relevant, since you'll have the same entry/exit vectors as the vessel(s) you are escorting. A special Small Port addon, which increases the radar range in storms to 1500m, will be made available (probably early next week), but didn't make it into this release. There are other Storm changes also coming, the plans for which will be publicized in the near future.

The baseline Wraiths (MkI, MkII, MkIII) have been replaced on stations with the new TPG Revenant. This follows some discussion over the last couple of months on the Suggestions forum: many requested that the Axia Wraith be left available on its current faction-specific basis, and I've done that. For all other general versions, however, the Wraith has been essentially replaced with the Revenant. Check it out, let me know if there are any problems. It will handle differently from the Wraith, due to mass distribution differences, but at the very least it's a much nicer looking ship.

The Sensor Log tab in the PDA has had its functionality expanded, with several new interfaces requested on the Suggestions forum. There are now displays for: Stations You Have Visited, Enemies Killed and Who Has Killed You. For the moment, the data from these are not stored in any way, the information is only persistent to the current game session (once you exit the game, it clears). We will be making this, and other information, more persistent in the future.

All in all, we hope this is a pretty good (and stable) release, as we push towards our larger 1.8 goals. Please report any problems on the messageboard or via email / bug reporter. Thanks much, and enjoy.


- storms restrict radar to 500 meters
- storm entry/exit points are always the same depending on which direction you're coming from
- Station Visits are recorded in Sensors tab
- Kills and killed-by are recorded in Sensors tab
- Replaced Wraith with Revenant ship
- fixed lua error when docking with capship
- guild creation can last 48 hours now