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Vendetta Online 1.7.12

This is mostly a minor bugfix patch with some added convenience features. The biggest change is that new buttons are now available in the character-select panel for giving money, inviting to a group, inviting to a guild, chatting and the like. We also want to add dueling, buddy invite and more guild/grouping options, but they weren't ready in time.

Ongoing work is progressing on the new back-end Deliverator rewrite, and on the faction system and friendly fire changes.

Quick changelog:

- fixed fog rendering problems
- moved "Automatic' shader setting for opengl to end of list
- if a turret of a ship is selected, it looks like this: "Turret (owner name)"
- added support for more joystick axes in linux
- added some helper buttons to the 'k' object info menu when a player is targeted
- fixed some lua bugs