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Vendetta Online 1.7.16

A seemingly minor update, but with a major new feature. As of now, if there is fog in a sector, and the radar range is greater than the visual range (ie, the fog boundary is nearer than radar range), the extra radar data will be displayed "visually" with a wireframe view of what's in the extended region.

Currently, this can only be seen if you have the Storm Radar Extender and go into an ion storm, but the plans to use it are much wider than ion storms. Fog will begin appearing in a lot of other sector types, including a contentious serco/itani "warzone" in Deneb. In addition, this makes "dark" sectors a lot easier to do, or anything with reduced visability.

As we add more features, like object-specific radar reflectivity (read: stealth ships, etc), that will also be reflected in the "visual" display, so various objects will be visible at different ranges based on radar cross section.. and so on.

Lastly, this update also offers a new take on Dau L11 (Dau L10 was replaced previously).