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Vendetta Online 1.7.18

Kourier is now in active testing on the Test server, please see the forums for more information. We planned to release it on Wednesday night, but it didn't work out. As it is now, we're pretty confident in its stability, but thought a weekend worth of testing would be a good idea to reveal any final problems. With luck, we'll have it into production early next week.

In other news, several new ship variants have been added. See the in-game News system (under PDA -> Comm -> News) for more backstory. The nitty gritty:

- fixed mission text for mining tutorial
- Warthog Territorial Defender - decreased turbo energy usage from 60 to 57
- Warthog Mineral Extractor - increased turbo thrust const from 230 to 260, increased cargo from 18 to 24
- Mineral Marauder - dropped hp from 9500 to 7500, added Large port, increased turbo thrust const from 260 to 280
- Behemoth XC (eXtended Cargo), HAS NO PORTS. should cost 2x normal behemoth.