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Vendetta Online 1.7.19

Not a major feature release, but a few cool additions nonetheless. Swarm missile trails are the most evident (intentional) change, they now leave long trails behind them. Making this kind of effect possible required a lot of work on the particle system and visual effect engine of the game, which has had some unplanned side-effects that we have not yet fixed. The only intentionally changed effects are the swarms, anything else that's different will be fixed, probably next week. On the upside, though, these changes to the particle system will make more involved (and cool-looking) effects much easier to accomplish.

In other news, Kourier has also been updated, Border Skirmish and Hive Hunt missions should now always end properly, which was one of the more prevalent and irritating problems with those missions. More work on Kourier is ongoing, as we try to improve the stability of the platform, as I detailed in the previous newspost.

Short changelog:

- Swarm missile effects improved; plus general improvements to effects system (some outstanding bugs are known).
- Border & Hive Skirmish should always end properly