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Vendetta Online 1.7.24

Another minor upgrade with a bunch of background changes. The medals for Hive Queen hunting didn't previously remove the "old" medal when you acquired the new one, due to some architecture problems with the way accomplishments and medals were handed out, and the various different benefits to specific medals. Ray has now reworked some of that code, and the whole system is now better suited to our making more (and more complex) medals that permit new equipment with each new acquisition.

This version also debuts a new minor ship variant, the EC-104, handed out specifically by the Basic Trader I medal. The Basic Trader tree is given out to those who accrue profit on trading: ie, you must buy an item and sell it somewhere else for a profit. The total lifetime profits of your character are recorded, and this data is used to hand out the various Basic Trader awards. Only sales of items that have a previous purchase price will go towards increasing the lifetime character profit statistic. In other words, if you pirate a bunch of cargo off of some hapless person, your "profit" stat will not increase, as that cargo has no purchase price for you.

The EC-104 is a baseline trading ship, with 26 cu of cargo space, and reasonably good handling. It's a lot lighter than the trading variant of the Revenant (and less expensive), but also has far less armor and only one Small port. It's intended only as a baseline trading ship for newbies. Other rewards, for the more advanced trading medals (and future medals) will come in due course.

In the background, work on Kourier continues, and Ray is starting to move a lot of static universe data into the database. Things are moving along, hopefully you'll start to see more "significant" changes in the not-too-distant future.


- hive queen badges now properly "stack" like the other multi-level badges, thanks to a change in the internal representation of accomplishments & requirements
- EC-104 now available to those who have achieved Basic Trader I medal