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No release tonight. One of our people is on vacation, and the rest of our work is not yet ready for prime time. Work is progressing on some actual gameplay changes, including some efforts on the factional / friendly fire modifications. We have new Strike Force behaviour in testing, which may prove better than what we have currently. The overall automated defenses of the galaxy are being scaled up, towards something that will be more vigilant, but hopefully also a bit more interesting than a continuous unpaused stream of bots. Border defenses will be scaled up, and you can expect Capitol systems to go "guarded" in the not-too-distant future. These are all pieces of the "faction / FF" puzzle that will need to be in place before we do the most significant changes.

In other news, a new Hive is also in the works, built entirely within the newer Kourier framework. This will hopefully mark the end of the Deliverator era, and potentially bring some gameplay improvements with it.

On a final note, I do intend to try and roll out some new missions this weekend. Our PCC people have submitted some cool new stuff, which I need to review and push out to the game.

I've been a bit distracted lately, but sometime in the near future I hope to illustrate for everyone what we'll be doing in the coming months. It's a lot of exciting stuff, and I think most of you will agree. At the very least, it'll be good to be back to making game-changes again.

As always, thanks for your support, please post any problems or ideas to the respective forums on the boards.