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Vendetta Online 1.7.43

Mostly bugfixes, not much for big changes. There should be some more visible stuff next week. We have some Swarm Missile changes in the works, in part for cap-vs-cap swarm usage, which I think people will dig. The new Hive is also still coming along and will hopefully debut next week. Plus, Andy's working on a bunch of behavioural projects, starting with making bots dock more intelligently, and working up to making capships navigate better. I also plan to create several new capship variants next week, with different weapon loadouts intended to allow better server utilization, and therefore bigger capship battles. That doesn't mean they'll be any less scary.. they'll still pack a big punch, it may just come in fewer overall turrets and shots than say.. the current Teradon. Military variants of the Constellation and Trident can be expected to debut in the near future.

On a sidenote, I'm also working on getting the Trac stuff ready for public debut (I know I've said that like 50 times), which includes moving it to some beefier hardware. The current Trac server would be a little too easy to overwhelm (P2 233mhz with 160MB of ram), which would be inconvenient for us.

That's all for now, please post about any problems, and have fun.


*** Vendetta 1.7.43

- modified Strike-Force respawning behaviour
- fixed obscure bug when trying to send buddy note to someone via interface while they are logging on/off
- CHAT_MSG_INCOMINGBUDDYNOTE [colors] chatcolors.incomingbuddynote=ff0000 [chatformat] incomingbuddynote=[Note from <name>] <msg>
- forbid multiple spaces in a row in usernames
- forbid multiple spaces in a row in character names
- fixed bug in Intel 915/945 Mesa check to disable shaders in Linux
- fixed crash when video card runs out of memory in Windows
- fixed crash when calling GetPeerName() on an unconnected lua TCP object
- lua load and loadstring run in the sandbox environment now
- proper lua support for clicking on empty regions of listboxes
- try to prevent crashes when using a lua-referenced iup handle after the control was deleted. It generates a terminating lua error now.