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Vendetta Online 1.8.45

VO 1.8.45 includes:

* Kill Forgiveness: Players may now "Forgive" PvP kills in faction-standing loss situations. A window pops up for the dead player, permitting them to "Forgive" the kill, within 15 seconds. Forgiven kills have no impact on the killer's standing. This is necessary for the impending Friendly Fire removal and other features.
* Changed 'Sell Selected' button in Commodities Sell tab to 'Sell Selected...' to indicate that another dialog appears when the button is pressed.
* Corrected size of speed/energy/distance HUD indicators for wide-screen modes.
* Corrected aspect of loading screen and startup splash screen for wide-screen modes.
* Fixed trade xp exploit where it could be acquired at inappropriate times.
* Fixed bug where changing from one resolution to another with the same height wasn't resizing the interface.
* Corrected ship buyback price display when not all items were bought back.

A brief explanation of Kill Forgiveness: if someone kills you, in a location where they will lose faction standing as a result, you will have the option of "Forgiving" the kill, allowing them to not lose faction standing. This is a PvP-only thing, intended to help situations where accidental kills may result during grouped play. It's also very important to the upcoming removal of Friendly Fire restrictions, as this kind of accidental kill may become more common.