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Vendetta Online 1.8.65

VO 1.8.64/65 (both this week) included:

- Friendly-Fire restrictions removed from all of gray space.
- More server-side Border Skirmish performance enhancements.
- Server-side performance enhancements are now used everywhere.
- Border Skirmish now features live countdown timer in mission description.
- Fixed HUD component size issues.
- Improved client-side collision detection in highly active areas such as Border Skirmish.
- Fixed bug that caused ship radar blips to turn blue when binding a joystick button to a command when the joystick button already had a command bound to it. Also fixed other possible crashing bugs with joystick menu.
- HUD is centered in the middle 4:3 aspect region on the screen by default when starting the game in 1920 widescreen. This option can be turned on and off in the Interface HUD options menu.