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Vendetta Online 1.8.74-76

This past weekend, VO 1.8.75 and 76 include:

- Fixed Voice Chat volume control.
- Slightly optimized inventory menus for players that have large inventories.

Released last week, VO 1.8.74 included:

- New weapon: the Shield Turret. This defensive weapon may be equipped only to vessels with Turrets (Atlas, Behemoth), and fires a small shielded area to deflect incoming fire. Available in Odia M14 (expensive) or the UIT Capitol stations (much more cheaply).
- "Next Border Engagements" mission indicates when the next set of Dynamic Warfare missions will start, and what size the will be.
- Fixed crashing bug when logging off with a damaged Atlas ship.
- Fixed lua error when logged in and a character hasn't been chosen yet and a Border Skirmish sector was conquered at the same time.