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Vendetta Online 1.8.85

VO 1.8.85 includes:
- Asteroid sectors in Deneb now have a disableable turret. When the turret is disabled, a fighter skirmish begins.
- New detail textures for bone asteroids.
- Added ice refraction resolution setting for DirectX 9 driver. The High setting uses more video memory.
- Fixed DirectX 8 driver so it properly fails to load compressed textures instead of displaying white textures.
- Small optimization for most shaders.
- Fixed certain missions so they no longer choose training sectors as destinations.
- NPCs that have logged off no longer show up in the Bar.

Fighter skirmishes may now be started in Deneb, in asteroid sectors, by attacking and disabling the Defense Turret in any Deneb asteroid sector (without a station or wormhole). The outcome of the resulting battle results in the sector's new faction alignment, but another attack on the turret can follow immediately after. This is a testbed for player-driven "conquest" and "defense" type game mechanics.