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Vendetta Online 1.8.104

VO 1.8.104 includes:

- Small-port Cargo Scanner and Scanner Blocker (available in capitol stations)
- Fix for convoy traders repeatedly bumping convoy capships.
- Slower top speed for convoy capships.
- PCC Mission Editor additions: give-item-to-npc, park and drift actions, gave-money-to-npc event.

We look forward to feedback on the cargo scanner and blocker. The scanner has a range of 2000 meters and allows you to see cargo on other ships (including the types of ore being mined by bots, in realtime). The blocker prevents your cargo from being scanned.

Additionally, we are now offering official Vendetta Online merchandise! Many of the items are Limited Edition, only for the current Five Year Anniversary celebration period. They will only be offered through the 2009 holidays, so get them while they last.