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Vendetta Online 1.8.109

VO 1.8.109 includes:

- Raptor MkII now available in Latos N-15 (same requirements as Dau).
- Corvus Greyhound now features an integrated cargo scanner and turbo energy usage dropped to 45.
- Combat level 4 required to be featured in Duel Rankings. Characters less than 4 may participate in Duels, but will not gain or lose points.
- Duel Rating k-factor is now scaled by rating number. Players over 2000 (Master) now gain/lose points at half the normal rate, over 2400 (Grandmaster) at one quarter the normal rate.
- Duel Rating lower limit clamped to 900, only characters above 900 are displayed on the ranking page.
- Middle Mouse button click now acts as ^v (paste) when an editbox has focus.
- Sun flare effect is no longer rendered in foggy sectors.