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Vendetta Online 1.8.110

VO 1.8.110 includes:

- Basic Station Conquest: A new station located in Latos I-8 may now be conquered by players. This is a very limited, basic implementation of station conquest, only for testing purposes. Once all turrets are destroyed, the first person to dock may generate or select an Owner Key for use. The console command /listkeys can be used to show the current keychain, which each have a number next to them. Then /giveownerkey (key-number) can be used to give an owner key to another player. Any player with a key for the station will be able to dock and not be fired upon by the turrets.
- Bounty System Revival: We've brought back the old Bounty system, with a 1-million-credit upper limit on bounties. For now, only NPC-driven bounties may be allocated, handed out by governments for illegal activities, such as killing station guards. You can talk to NPC Marshals in Capitol stations for more information about becoming a bounty hunter.
- Warthog Mineral Extractor now features an integrated Free Mineral Scanner (Range: 500).
- Improvements to Game Updater. The game patching system now handles certain situations more elegantly, such as running out of disk space.
- The current Mac client version is now present in the app metadata, under "Get Info", the Finder and elsewhere.