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Vendetta Online 1.8.113

After a few hiccups in the release process, VO 1.8.113 includes:

- New Keychain tab in Inventory tab of PDA to manage your keys. Suggestions to improve usability are always welcome.
- There is now a restriction of one User Key per Owner Key.
- Slight changes to /key command. /key user access command no longer takes a sector name. It instead only works when you are docked to the station you control.
- Fixed defense behavior of static queen escorts.
- Fixed a recently-introduced bug with Border Skirmish scheduling.

Further improvements and changes to the key management system, and expansions of Conquest, will be forthcoming. We will eventually allow more than one User key per Owner key, but we want to put the UI mechanics in place first. Plus, there aren't enough individual authentication options to merit it yet. As always, please post feedback or ideas to Suggestions.