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Vendetta Online 1.8.114

VO 1.8.114 includes:

- New Events and Newsposts menu shows Game Events that are scheduled and the last five Newsposts that are on the web site. The menu will auto-display whenever a new Event or Newspost exists and there is an option to disable auto-display.
- Three new Axia-based missions, located in Verasi, courtesy of Phaserlight.
- The Conquerable Station now has a unique Manufacturing mission for the Teller-Ulam Mine.
- The Conquerable Station conquering timer is now displayed on the HUD similar to mission timers.
- Added threat-to-shields logic, enabling more responsive queen (and other shielded-ship) defense.
- Fixed bug causing old instances of the Border Skirmish advertising-mission to remain posted.

A few notes about this update: The Events and Newsposts game interface will improve as time goes on, we were only aiming for basic functionality in this version. One request as been showing the local time for the scheduled event, in addition to GMT/UTC (gametime), this we will add. People have also requested options like something that ties into their Google Calendar; we'll consider this but don't expect anything immediately. The Event system also has a whole web-based component that is not yet ready for release: subscribed players will be able to create their own Events for registration, and Guides/Devs will be able to approve them or volunteer to help administer them (when requested). Hopefully the rest of the Event system will appear this coming week.

The Conquerable Station manufacturing mission uses a "rate limiting" feature that's a little unusual, as it is measured from when the mission "Info" is clicked rather than when it is "Accepted". For now, you can take it twice every five minutes, but as we improve the rate-limit feature, it'll become more like once every day or so. There is also a hard 8-mines-per-character limit, at present, but another mission will eventually appear and allow characters to decrement that Accomplishment counter and regain access to Teller-Ulam Mine manufacturing. These are both stopgap measures, for the moment, as hedges against runaway farming.

The new shield-attacked threat system is quite cool, but be more careful around big capships in your home locales (such as the Nemesis in Serco space). They should not be trivially aggressive, but they will respond to significant shield impacts.