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Vendetta Online 1.8.121

VO 1.8.121 includes:

- War Convoys! New series of blockade convoys that are spawned daily based on the win/loss ratio of respective nations in Deneb. The convoys travel through grayspace to blockade their enemy's entrance into grayspace.
- Hive Skirmish missions no longer show up in conquerable stations.
- Fixed sector note not being able to be cleared if opened via Add Note shortcut.
- Plugin update: All PLAYER_ENTERED_SECTOR events should have matching PLAYER_LEFT_SECTOR events.

The War Convoy concept comes from a Suggestions Forum post, and is mostly implemented as suggested, with a few tweaks. The number of ships per convoy is currently reduced, and there is a cap on the total number of ships that any nation may have in a blockade sectors.. this is to prevent "runaway" blockade behaviour with extreme numbers of ships. Additionally, for the Serco side, there are two Itani convoys: a normal-sized one that blockades Ukari B5, and a smaller fighter-only contingent that blockades Helios O12.

It is a certainty that the War Convoy concept will require some testing and tuning. We may have too many ships showing up (even with the cap), or unwanted convoy behaviour, or various other issues cropping up. We'll address them as they arise, so please report major implementation problems via the Bugs forum, and abstract design improvements via Suggestions. Thanks, and we hope it's a lot of fun!