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Vendetta Online 1.8.122

VO 1.8.122 includes:

- New Friend Key promotion. You can send a key to a friend that they can apply to a trial account to receive 2 free weeks of time. You are given 1 additional key per month that you are subscribed up to a total of 5 keys available to give out at a time. The keys are given out through the client interface and is located in Your PDA under the Comm tab. The new tab is labeled Friend Keys and shows all the keys you've given out and whether each key was been redeemed. Once you send a friend key, your friend will receive an email notification with the actual key and instructions on how to use it. Note: This has nothing to do with in-game station access keys.
- War Convoy bots now guard a spot on or near the wormhole, and should target properly (just hated for now).
- War Convoy blockade locations for the Itani side have been changed (Ukari A-10 w/ caps, B-5 w/o). Their numbers will also persist between server restarts. Other improvements to come.
- Removed console debug message.