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Vendetta Online 1.8.127

VO 1.8.127 includes:

- Significant adjustments to most of the trade items in the game, in specific regions. Many new lucrative routes opened up, both grayspace and between major Nations. Some historically worthless items may now command high values in certain locations. Route bounceback times also drastically shorter in some regions, and price drop per item significantly reduced in many cases. Changes will be ongoing, and some routes may require a little time before they become apparent.
- Certain Bot processor cores (Orun, Dentek, Artemis, Guardian) are now valued at Research stations.
- Removed ability to set ship acceleration from Lua (plugins, aliases). Turbo triggering should still work (turbo-lock, etc). This change occurred due to extensive forum complaints over a recent community-created plugin. Depending on feedback, we may be able to come up with an improved solution next week, but this appeared to be the best option on short notice.