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Vendetta Online 1.8.138 - New Manufacturing

VO 1.8.138 includes:

- Serco Vulture Guardian turbo drain reduced from 60 to 56.
- Classes for recently-added bot drops changed from "Special" to "Commodity" to support normal trade behaviour.
- Synthetic Silksteel is now dropped by static hive bots (different bots drop more/less often).
- New Manufacturing Mission for Latos Conquerable Station: Fused Composite Plating.
- New Manufacturing Mission for Pelatus Conquerable Station: Fluid Formable Silksteel Alloy.

The SVG tweak was a result of Ghost's very interesting (and highly active) 7-page thread on Suggestions "The State of Vendetta PvP". Please continue to provide feedback on the ramifications of this turbo energy tweak, and other areas that are in need of changing.

The new Manufacturing Missions should hopefully get a little attention. I am in the process of architecting a build tree for the construction of Big, Cool Stuff. Much of this manufacturing will be based around the Conquerable Stations. Some of it will also happen elsewhere.

This process also involves a lot of re-working of the bots, where they are and what they're doing. For one thing, I'm looking to break out the different hives into whole separate classes of Hive, which have unique drops that are specific to the region. Thus, the Serco Hive may behave and look a little different from the Grayspace and Itani hives, and also have different drops. These drops may then be utilized within Serco space to possibly create unusual advanced items. Or, certain high-value manufacturing jobs may require separate items specific to each respective Hive, requiring a ranging of geography and a variety of skillsets to be used when manufacturing something special.

There are plenty of caveats, of course. Tweaking of the War Convoys and the Border Defense Turrets, etc. But there is a specific gameplay goal in mind, something I think I can deliver relatively soon (not "Soon(tm)") and am steadily working towards.

Another aspect of the re-working of bots will include the previously-mentioned process of creating more "advanced" types within a particular structure. Such as "Veteran" or "Ace" bots, etc. These specialized bots may then also have some unique and unusual drops, some of which may be used directly, and others will be tied into specialized Manufacturing missions in various locations.

Finally, I'm looking to add in bots which appear in certain locations only at certain times. We've had the "Bar" in VO for, well, a very long time, and this sort of thing was always its intended use: as a mechanic for exchanging illicit or unusual information about the game, and as an alternate means of giving specialized missions. For the short-term, I'll just be looking to do things like distribute where and when a "special" bot might appear via methods like the Bar and others. Some of these appearances might be cyclical, but many will probably change, requiring people to get the "latest" info from a passing convoy captain, or a grizzled NPC at the bar.

We'll see how this all shakes out, but I'm excited to see it take shape. I hope you all are as well. Note: I'm not forgetting any of the economic or other work that needs to be done. Our coders are currently very busy on some major projects, and I've chosen this "bot" work, as I can accomplish much of it with minimal new code development. So, have no fear, we'll also fix many of the other issues, but this month, I think this bot work will potentially be pretty fun, and lead to some Bigger, Better Stuff.