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Vendetta Online 1.8.144

VO 1.8.144 includes:

- New manufacturing mission and associated item: Merged Cybernetics Array, located in the Bractus conquerable station. This uses one Neural Nodule from each of the major Hives (Milanar, Prosus, Siepos) to construct an element of a station or capship Master Computer.
- Improvements to orientation interpolation of remote ships. This should be smoother visibly under certain conditions, and also potentially remove some of the stuttering when one is turreted onto another player ship. Further improvements to interpolation will be forthcoming.

The lack of update last week, and the somewhat sparse update this week, is due to most of our time being dedicated to some pretty big business opportunities for distributing the game in new ways. Aside from that, we're also adding some really cool new features, which will probably be quite unexpected, but have fallen out of some of the work we've had to do for other reasons. I'll be writing a newsletter about all of this sometime soon (probably next week).

A lot more gameplay stuff is in the pipe, I hope for a whole hell of a lot of changes in October/November. We've been extremely quiet lately only because we've been intensely busy, and productive. Big Things Are Coming.