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Vendetta Online 1.8.148-149

VO 1.8.148 and 1.8.149 include:
- Border skirmish bots now give weapon XP.
- All ships now use the same storm exit point.
- Fix for crash when buying back or swapping out addons.
- Removed debug print.
- Selectable targeting mode for Android version.
- Updates to Android installer and touch-screen interface.

It remains to be seen whether this solution will really address our long-standing issues with the storm-exit-points. But, we hope it will work, and if not, it should at least get us closer to tracking down the very challenging underlying bug(s).

For those who experienced the buy-back bug since Weds, sorry about that; the buy-back problem was actually caused by fixing another bug (mining beam effects sticking around too long if you die, sometimes). For the moment, we've backed out the changes and will look into the overall issue more deeply before re-implementing the "fix".

Weapon XP in border skirmish should be a welcome addition, and a stepping stone towards a more universal presence.

I am now aiming to write the newsletter early next week. We have some pretty cool announcements coming, but some contracts and legal entanglements took a bit longer than expected. So, next week it is.

As always, thanks for your patience, support and continued feedback. We're aiming to drop in some more significant gameplay changes in the not-too-distant future. I'll cover that more in the newsletter.