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Vendetta Online 1.8.154-156

VO 1.8.154-156 includes:

- Three new Optical Sensor manufacturing missions, located in the Conquerable Stations.
- Bounty Hunter license for a given faction is lost if the faction standing for that faction drops to Hate or lower.
- Buddies can now be optionally notified of your location. Click the checkbox next to their name in your Buddies list to toggle the notification. A checked box means your buddy is notified of your current location. An unchecked box lets your buddy be only notified of your login status (online or offline).
- Fixed a lua error when trying to change joystick or keyboard bindings from the Input Options menu.

- Android version defaults to Flight-assist mode with accelerometer flight model.
- Fixed radar selections for Android version.
- Added support for Menu and Search keys on Android version.

- Flight-mode mouse X axis is now properly proportional to the screen size. This helps with extremely wide-screen modes like Surround and Eyefinity modes.
- Android version now has a flight-mode that uses the accelerometer.

There should be some bigger developments in the near future with respect to Android, hopefully allowing us to get back to some main-game changes before the end of the year. We'll see. The timing is a little crazy right now, but per the last newsletter, we still want to make some solid progress towards 1.9 in the coming month.