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Vendetta Online 1.8.158-160

VO 1.8.160 includes:
- Upgraded to new version of VoiceChat technology.
- Fixed ice shaders for Android version.

VO 1.8.159
- Android version now properly pauses and resumes.
- Fixed OpenGL ES shaders to properly adhere to the specs.

VO 1.8.158
- New Android demos.
- Accelerometer now disabled in demo mode.
- Fog now enabled on Android.
- Netbook vs Tablet configuration options on Android.
- Changes to Android Updater.
- Other tweaks, fixes and minor improvements.

We've been a little delayed on posting updates, as they've mainly been for Android, which isn't something too exciting for most of our users. Still, this latest Voice Chat update should have some improvements, and we expect to build in some new voice chat features for guilds in the near future.