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Vendetta Online 1.8.163

VO 1.8.163 includes:

- Keychain access menu now shows a full list of access instead of just the first station's access.
- Windows version no longer tries to warp the mouse cursor when the game is not active.
- Created new single-player game tutorials, initially for Android, but eventually for all versions.

There has also been a hell of a lot of work put into bringing playable Capships to VO. We were genuinely shooting for the 31st of January, overshot that and then were looking at tonight, but it has just not panned out yet. Still, the work is ongoing, and should not be very far off. I think people are going to be very excited when we are able to drop in this content.. the shipyard stations alone are huge (literally). There have been a number of technical challenges with bringing extremely large physical objects to the game, while still maintaining a certain degree of detail, all of which has required some added work and research. All of this has gone pretty well, I'm happy with how things are visually shaping up, but it has also made for some delays.

We are also juggling a number of other challenging timing issues, some of which are eating into development resources for features like player-capships. We will be presenting Vendetta Online for Android at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a little over a week from now, showing the game in Google's area. We really want the Android tutorial experience to be solid in advance of the show, and there is a possibility that we may do a wide-area release of the Android version around the same time (perhaps immediately after). All this depends on the outcome of further testing.

We have had a very, very intensely busy work schedule over the last few weeks, to try and both polish up certain areas on our Android client, as well as deliver new features to our existing players.

When the new tutorial system is back-propagated to the PC versions, I expect we will have a large reduction in "how do I dock?" questions, which will probably be welcome by the userbase. It still requires more polishing, but it provides an "instant action" type of introduction to the game that has never been possible before.. no more having to go sign up for an account as the first thing. Now people can quickly get an idea of the game, and then make their decisions from there.

That's all for now, I'll post again as soon as I have something significant to report.