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Vendetta Online 1.8.169

VO 1.8.169 includes:

- When in Turret-mode, the 'Press Activate to leave the turret' no longer fades away.
- Added the ability to invert the x/y axes of the Android HUD aiming touch region.
- The Android Controls Defaults button now properly resets the controls to the Android version.
- The Android virtual keyboard's Shift button now acts as a shift button instead of a shift-lock button.
- Updated Android's off-line flight tutorial to have the touch regions outlined in green instead of blinking.
- The Android updater displays errors if there is no internet connection or the initial download fails.
- Email verification notifications have been reworded to be more consistent.
- Email addresses need to be verified before support tickets can be submitted.
- We have also increased the user limit on the primary update server, so many more people should be able to connect before you start to see an update queue.

Many of these were much-needed short-term changes and fixes for the recently-release Android build. We have not forgotten the capship content, and we're in fact very much in need of finishing that up and releasing it in the near future.