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Vendetta Online 1.8.176 - PLAYABLE CAPSHIPS

VO 1.8.176 includes:

- Prototype player-owned capship is now constructible through a series of missions.
- New versioning system for plugins and interface replacements. See the PCC Lua Forum for more information.
- Added Capship Access Key dialog when launching from a station with a capship for the first time. There's a time limit of 1 minute to choose an access key before a new one is automatically generated. Once a capship access key is chosen, it cannot be changed and will apply to all your capships. This is subject to change in the future.
- Unknown binds no longer get deleted from the wgaf.cfg when the game exits.

It is important to remember that player-owned capships are currently a PROTOTYPE RELEASE. That means, this is for early play-testing, but we expect there to be problems, and we would like to hear feedback from the userbase.

The process of acquiring a Trident Light Frigate - Type M (currently the only available capship) is quite arduous, and involves a great deal of "manufacturing" (crafting missions), utilizing items from high-level bot drops to rare ores and minerals. All three hidden conquerable stations must be accessed to gain all the necessary items. One of the most difficult missions, construction of the ship's reactor, results also in access to the Latos Shipyards, a secret black-market shipyard for large-scale vessels, constructed outside the oversight or purview of the major nations.

For answers to other questions, see this forum post. Please post any bugs you find, or general feedback, on the forums. We hope you enjoy this new content, and we expect to greatly expand upon it over the coming year!