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Vendetta Online 1.8.181

VO 1.8.181 includes:

- Ship damage percentage should now display properly on player-owned Trident Type M capital ships.
- Trident Type M turbo drain reduced to 45.
- New mission: "Intermediate Combat Practice" from Phaserlight!
- Mission "High Risk Courier Needed" now records failures and will become unavailable if too many take place (along with some other changes).
- Some weapons (Rails, Posis, etc) now reach much higher trade value peaks (up to 12k for Advanced Rails), with smaller drop per unit sold, but are profitable to sell only at demand-driven stations.
- Users piloting the Trident Type M can now participate in Ship Chat.
- Selecting a small ship (Behemoth, etc) that has attached turrets will now target only the ship and not the turrets.

We expect to fix more bugs and perhaps drop in a few more features next week. We're prioritizing bugfixes in what time we have between some of our current major projects. Please keep the feedback coming on Suggestions, some of the above changes were made based on recent threads on that forum.

Have a great weekend, everyone.