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Vendetta Online 1.8.205

VO 1.8.205 includes:

- Fixed crash on exit after changing certain Video Options on Mac/Windows/Linux versions.
- PCC Missions now have an optional Begin/End Time requirement that allows missions to be visible for a certain time.
- Ore taken by missions now count as being sold to the station for awards such as Basic Miner badges.
- Accomplishment and faction awards now cause the station Buy menus to update automatically so new items are available immediately.
- Added Front/Rear text labels to Front and Rear HUD radars that disappear when you hit Combat license 3. The labels are also togglable in Options->Interface->HUD->"Show Radar Labels when Combat < 3".

In addition to the above, another change should be mentioned that was accidentally left out of a previous patch log. We altered PvP collision damage to do only a fraction of the damage it did previously. Thus, when player ships ram other player ships, it does less damage than when they ram stations or NPCs. This was done to help alleviate a certain exploitative tactic of PvP killing designed to avoid faction loss in monitored or guarded space. The lack of faction loss for collision deaths was itself a previous work-around for a much older exploitative tactic where players could get others to lose their faction by suiciding themselves against their enemies. So, let's hope this latest alteration removes some of the issues for the moment, until some future problem is discovered stemming from players colliding too much (heh). Until then..

Have a happy new year, everyone!