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Vendetta Online 1.8.214-216

VO 1.8.214-216 has included:

- All missions that you can take are now visible, across the galaxy. Each mission shows the nearest station to you that has the mission.
- Serco/Itani and Valent/Axia factions are now mutually exclusive above Neutral. All players with characters that violate this are given the option to select on which factions they want keep their standings.
- Temp KOS now persists across logins and sector jumps for 15 minutes.
- If your ship is jittering while you are stopped, you should now be able to log off without the log off timer aborting.
- 3rd-person camera now moves away from your ship instead of towards your ship when you accelerate.
- Capships can no longer dock to small docking bays.
- Fixed crash on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) when attempting to use a plugged-in joystick.
- Added 'Route' button to the mission extended description dialog when the mission is not at the local station. Pressing it will create a nav route to the station with the mission and display the navmap.
- Missions no longer lose their category when they are accepted.
- Fixed problem with faction choice dialog not displaying properly or displaying with clipped text.

Clearly, to our veteran player base, the last few releases have included some quite significant changes. Certain faction standings being mutually exclusive has been desired for a long time; this is only the first step in that factional redux, but a very important step. Temporary Kill On Sight status persisting across logins and sector jumps will make things more immediately challenging for those who choose to behave aggressively at stations.

All missions becoming visible from everywhere is a huge step forward in making our game content more discoverable to players (especially new players). But this is only the beginning of our goals for a centralized mission system. Player-postable missions will become available, helping people find one another for specific activities, like posting a mission for someone to help hunt the Hive or take down a Leviathan, or find a combat escort for a dangerous trade run. As player-owned stations become more common, users will be able to post missions to their own stations, requesting deliveries of raw materials for their Manufacturing projects, or simply replenishment of other items to support their guild or common gameplay.

We hope you are as excited about these changes as we are, to us they're only the tip of the iceberg.