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Vendetta Online 1.8.224

VO 1.8.224 includes:

- Enhanced ship explosion effects.
- Snapdragon splashscreen is displayed when a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is detected.
- Fixed a lua error in the off-line Android demo/tutorial.
- Preliminary backend support for Windows RT.

Users should find that the most commonly-seen explosions, used for smaller fighter craft, hive ships and most NPCs, are now updated to a higher graphical standard. As we move forward we're going to continue tweaking and improving a lot of our graphics, with the goal of substantially improving the "look" of the game during this year. In some cases, that may result in specialized effects that only appear on PC platforms with faster videocards, where the mobile versions retain the older effects that are better suited to lower-performance devices. However, whenever we can we'll be raising the level of detail and polish across all platforms, as we have with this latest change.

This update also mentions our upcoming support for Windows RT and Windows 8 Metro. While Vendetta Online had already been pretty widely reported as one of the demos on this platform, we've still had some ongoing development to prepare us for submission to the Microsoft Store and have the game appear on new Windows 8 devices. We'll go into a bit more more detail about our presence on Windows RT and Windows 8 in our next email newsletter.

Until then, keep an eye out for new updates, and please post any issues you find on the forums. Thanks everyone.