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Vendetta Online 1.8.230

VO 1.8.230 includes:

- New icons for mission categories.
- New visual effects for the Charged Cannon.
- Fixed Joystick calibration menu on Mac version.
- Fixed crash on Android version when attemping to see what commands the accelerometer is bound to in the console.

This update debuts the new icons for mission categories, which are intended to be stylistically consistent with those we recently added for station classes. The visual effects for the Charged Cannon have also been modestly improved. Moving forward, we'll be continuing to improve effects and other visual aspects, making more significant and graphically intensive improvements as time goes on.

Gameplay changes and bugfixes are also coming, but are still being delayed by a need to wrap up some of the major architectural work we undertook this past summer. Hopefully the updated game engine will debut this coming week on a limited selection of platforms, bringing with it improved scalability, and openig the door for a lot of future gameplay, content, and graphical improvements.