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Vendetta Online not affected by PlaySpan breach.

It has been recently reported that PlaySpan, a major credit card and payment clearinghouse commonly used in the MMO world, has suffered a serious security breach. Vendetta Online is largely unaffected by this issue.

Our sole relationship with PlaySpan is their ownership of the PayByCash, who we offer as a payment option. However, using the PayByCash system only exposes the account name of the user, and never their password or any other information (much like PayPal and other systems). We do not share password data outside of our company. Ever.

Users who paid via PayByCash could only be affected by this compromise if they chose to use the same password on both the PayByCash site as well as their Vendetta Online account. If that is the case, we recommend changing both to new and unique passwords as soon as possible.

If you have never used PayByCash at all, there is no reason for concern.

- Guild Software, Inc.