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Vendetta Online 1.8.232

VO 1.8.232 includes:

- New visual effects for Iceflare and Sunflare rocket explosions.
- Linux64 version now has experimental multithreaded rendering and physics support.

We hope you'll enjoy the new Sunflare and Iceflare rocket explosions. We intend to eventually add graphical differentiation for all the major weapons, to add variety and make it more visually apparent what weapons are in use, even in the midst of combat.

The new multi-threaded engine is being tested first on Linux64 to give us a smaller, yet technologically savvy, subset of the userbase for this initial release pass. As time goes on, we'll expand the engine release to include other platforms. The new engine makes extensive use of threading for physics, rendering, collision detection and response. In early testing this has substantially improved performance and scalability on systems with multi-core CPUs. As even cellphones are now offered with as many as four CPU cores, this client scalability is beneficial all the way from mobile to high-end PCs. It also lays the groundwork for us to further evolve our graphical and game content, leading to a grander and more epic galaxy.