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Vendetta Online 1.8.240

VO 1.8.240 includes:

- Improved long press to add waypoints to navmap. The waypoint is added immediately after the long press instead of waiting until the press is released.
- Fixed default font size on Kindle Fire HD 7" tablets so the station menu isn't clipped off the right side of the screen.
- Fixed some lua errors.
- You will now be sent to Corvus if your home station and nation hate you instead of being bounced back and forth between stations.
- Temp KOS is now properly removed when you die in an empty sector.
- If you acquire Temp KOS with your home station's faction, your home is moved to your nation's capital or Corvus if you are hated by your nation.
- Increased convoy activity in station sectors: this is an ongoing testing process that will begin over this weekend. It may not appear immediately, but should solidify over the coming week.