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Vendetta Online released for the iPad!

We're proud to announce that iOS has joined the family of platforms supported by Vendetta Online, launching today for the iPad2 or newer (including the Mini!), with at least iOS 5.x. Those interested may immediately obtain the game from the iPad App Store:


Additionally, some may be curious to read the early positive reviews, such as MMORPG's first look at the game. If you do purchase the game, we'd really appreciate it if you'd consider posting a positive review on the App Store! We need all the help we can get.

The iPad version is a fully 1:1 native port of the production game, with the addition of support for Retinal devices and iOS GameCenter. We've also put some time into polishing the introductory new user experience and the overall flight interface, and we hope you like it. The game does also support external keyboard control and other options, and as always we'll be continuing to polish and improve the game as we move forward.

The game is a $0.99 purchase on the App Store, including a free month of "Lite" mode access (capped at level 3, can't be a Guild officer) for the first "single-click" account created with the installed copy. Existing subscribers can log into their current accounts normally (the free month only applies to new accounts). In App Purchase makes additional "Lite" subscription time available for $1/month.

As always, please feel free to give us feedback about the new fledgling platform and device support. We've created a new "iOS" forum for exactly that kind of discussion. Any major bugs should be posted to the Bugs forum or submitted via a Support Ticket if privacy is a concern.

Thanks Everyone!