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Vendetta Online 1.8.251-252

VO 1.8.251-252 up to tonight includes:


- Conquerable Station defense-turret armor reduced from 450k to 90k, making conquest an easier prospect.

*** Vendetta 1.8.252
- Improved game controller support for Android (including Ouya). Changed some of the default analog binds for new installations. For specifics of device support (including flightsticks), see the new sticky thread on the Android forum.
- Added a 'virtual mouse' that is controlled by the left stick with 'A' being the 'left mouse button'. Any other button will cancel the virtual mouse. You can press and hold 'A' to drag items or to long-press in the navmenu to create waypoints. Added D-Pad support in the virtual keyboard. Other controller buttons are shortcuts for different actions in the virtual keyboard. 'X' is backspace, 'Y' switches between symbols and alpha characters, 'L3' toggles Shift, 'R3' is space, 'L1' and 'R1' move the caret left and right. 'A' selects the active key, and 'B' cancels the virtual keyboard.
- Game controllers can now be connected to an Android device while the game is running and the controller will be automatically detected when any of the analog controls on the controller are moved.
- Added native support for game controller HID devices but requires an apk update.

*** Vendetta 1.8.251
- Added a new XAudio2 audio driver for Windows Vista, 7, 8 that should work across more hardware configurations. Existing players will need to change to that driver in Options->Audio->Change Driver... but will default to that driver on new installations.
- Fixed bug where some settings weren't being saved.
- Targeted Character Info menu now fits on smaller device screens.
- Account conversion menu now allows for choosing an account name instead of using the auto-generated one.
- iup.image has returned for use in UI plugins.

I've been a little behind on posting some of our patch updates to news, but in particular the recent joystick changes needed to undergo some testing before we announced them. However, at this point we're pretty excited by the options the new joystick support will give to Android players, and we highly recommend they check out the sticky-thread on the Android forum.

Although support for joysticks might seem to be a secondary goal compared to game mechanics, these developments are needed for some time-sensitive co-marketing relationships and other opportunities to help raise the profile of the game. And, as a whole, they should make it that much easier for our Android players to be competitive with the PC userbase.

Many other tweaks and fixes have also been added, and we're currently also trying to track down a bug that is causing sporadic crashes for certain specific Android players. This has not yet been resolved, but we're working on it. Thanks everyone, have a great weekend!