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Vendetta Online 1.8.261

VO 1.8.261 includes:

- Capship missile-based turret fire delay persist properly.
- Fixed problem with chat entry field on the touchscreen HUD losing focus if Tab is pressed on a connected physical keyboard. The Tab button on the virtual keyboard now auto-completes names.
- Added Quit confirmation menu on Android.
- Added option on mobile devices to disable vibration feedback for button presses.
- Fixed memory corruption bug on certain mobile devices with specific chipsets and driver versions.
- Fixed graphics error under very specific circumstances that caused some 3d objects to not render properly.
- Capship turret list in the Tactical tab are now sorted so they are always in the same order.
- The list of key possessors in the Key Info menu is now sorted alphabetically.

This release has actually been out for a little while, I'm just bringing the News system up to date, and making room for a more substantial post. For now, check out the General forum for a sneak peek of the new Vulture..