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Vendetta Online 1.8.267

VO 1.8.267 includes:

- New Vulture variant is now available at the Corvus capitol.
- Players' ships now count towards the cargo of capships when they dock. If not enough cargo space is available, the player cannot dock.
- Capship owners can now give their ship a custom name. The custom name is displayed in the upper right area of the capship menu. Use the /renameship "New Name" command to change it. You must be piloting the ship to use the command. A GUI interface is forthcoming. Names are validated by the server the same way character names are.
- Fixed a bug that prevented some news posts from being viewable.

Requiring cargo space for ships docking in capships was always part of the intended design, but had been temporarily avoided to make the initial rollout a little simpler. Now that the limitations are enforced, you can dock different numbers of ships based on their relative size. For instance, a Behemoth is 300cu, allowing two of them to dock with a current Trident Type M; where the smallest of fighters is 100cu, allowing up to six ships to dock.

We can, of course, continue to tweak the cargo stats and other aspects of the Tridents, as we move forward.

The new Vulture is the testbed prototype for replacing the existing asset. It is currently configured identically to a Vulture MkIV, to give people a 1:1 comparison against a widely-available, existing ship. Polite feedback on the forum is welcome.

Naming of capital ships is of course a first-generation implementation, mainly to get the ship name concepts stored on the server. Once we have a population of named ships, we'll move ahead with adding the ship-name to locations on the HUD, etc.