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Vendetta Online 1.8.281

VO 1.8.281 includes:

- Player-owned capships now have shields that work the same way as NPC capship shields.
- Ships stored in capships can now have their ammo refilled by the capship owner without having to launch and dock with the capship.

At long last, player-owned capital ships now feature re-charging shields, just like their NPC counterparts! This was an important step in development, making the shields persistently the same whether the player logs off or not. All of this is going to be very useful in the future, when we're dealing with more cases of larger player ships, player-owned stations, territory and factions.

Please continue to bring any issues to our attention on this. Major changes always bring up the potential for bugs, and while this underwent an entire extra week of testing and tuning, there's always the potential for something to be missed. We want to squash any bugs as quickly as possible.

Another feature was also added in this latest release, but not yet enabled. I'll discuss that in a future post, when we're closer to rolling out that feature.

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend!