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Vendetta Online 1.8.282

VO 1.8.282 includes:

- Trident Type M maximum shield strength bumped to 40k.
- Player-owned capship shield repair timer now resets after each hit, like the NPC shields.
- Group health and sector list health now includes shield strength.
- Shield strength while manning a player-owned turret now shows the correct value.
- Repair guns no longer damage player-owned capship shields.
- Shields no longer look like they disappear when the capship pilot mans their own turret.
- Fixed infrequent lua error when the capship pilot launches from their own capship.

Mostly a lot of fixes for the recent, major capship enhancements. More significant updates are in the works, once we've gotten the recent updates stabilized. (Yes, more Trident variants are coming as well).

One thing that looms pretty large on our to-do list is the long-running "universe redux" plan, that will include re-working the entire universe with far larger, denser and more complex fields of asteroids. We're working on advancing our engine technology, on both the network and rendering sides, to allow us to expand on the dynamic, procedural sectors to scenes of truly.. epic scale. Combined with some updated assets, and future shader/renderer improvements (lighting/shadow/etc), I think this is going to be pretty amazing. It will also play into the expandability and explorability of an expanded universe, which has obvious gameplay ramifications for all the "territorial ownership" content I've been talking about.

As we get a bit closer, I'll start to post some screenshots from some of this work.