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Vendetta Online 1.8.284

VO 1.8.284 includes:

- The Capship Shipyards station maximum cargo storage limit has been increased to 150,000 from 50,000 cu.
- Windows Store version has been updated to add gamepad support, tweaks to graphics settings on AMD tablets, and capship owners can control their own turrets like how PC/Android platforms can already do.
- Capship owner's mines no longer get triggered by their capship.
- Updated the Oculus SDK to drastically reduce drift.
- Capture-The-Cargo convoys report updates on their respective channels (201/202) again.

Several larger projects are also proceeding in the background. We're working on improving the scalability of larger player events, as well as tracking down some persistent bugs that have been cropping up from time to time. Graphical updates are also in the works, and a more thorough post with some before/after shots will appear soon.

We've also added joystick support for iOS, and will be releasing an iPad update with joystick support in the not too distant future.