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Grayspace Race, development in progress.

Hey everyone, we're right in the middle of some major development that is making visible updates a little fewer and further between, so I wanted to explain a little about what's going on.

But first and foremost, please consider stopping by for the developer-run Grayspace Race event on Saturday! We expect it to be a lot of fun, and a step towards the return of classic recurrent race events like the Deneb Run. See the in-game Event system for schedule details and other information.

Beyond this, we have a lot of different development going on, most of which I'm not going to announce right now. But one thing you will start to see in the immediate future, is the availability of micro-transactional purchases on certain mobile devices. Keep in mind that premium subscribers will still get everything, across all platforms, without any need for these types of optional purchases. Micro-transactions will be exclusively for players coming in on Lite accounts, allowing them to push a bit beyond the current level 3 cap.

The exact mechanics and structure of the micro-transactional system are still experimental, and will require refinement and continued feedback from the userbase. But, it has become evident that some kind of hybrid "free to play" model is an expected necessity on mobile, so we're working to adapt to these markets and bring in additional players.

We also have a lot of game-related development in process, which will be revealed in future newsposts as we get a bit closer to each related release. But overall, our goal for "VO 2.0" is about enhancing and drastically expanding the game in many different ways that will mesh together, including the business model and other areas. So, please bear with us while we evolve and improve these aspects, even when don't have the most exciting immediate gameplay impact.

At the same time, please do show up for the Race Event! Have a great weekend, everyone.