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Vendetta Online 1.8.371

VO 1.8.371 includes:

- The "Furie" related missions have been added back into the game.
- Furies no longer target players if they or the targeted player is in the No-Fire Zone. Temp KoS ramifications of Furie actions are now applied to the owner of the Furie, as though the action was performed by that player.
- Removed support for Windows XP.
- Added a CAPTCHA for anyone who is not a premium subscriber and has been logged in for 6 total hours over the previous 12 hours. The CAPTCHA must be solved within 5 minutes, or the player is kicked offline; after which it must be solved the next time the player tries to log in.
- Updated Leap Motion drivers.

We were able to bring back the Furies, in part by creating ramifications for those who command their NPC subordinates to do things that run counter to factional laws. In this way, you will receive Temp KoS for telling a Furie to attack a locally-friendly newbie in guarded space, etc.

If all goes well in testing this system, I'd like to add more to the Trident remote commandset as well, including commands to attack or defend targets, and the like.

Please post to Bugs about any problems you find (or submit tickets for issues that might be exploitable). Thanks!