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Vendetta Online 1.8.419

VO 1.8.419 includes:

- Android gamepad analog sticks now use a linked sensitivity curve.
- Updated damage indicators for the new Hornet and Ragnarok.
- Added a Gamepad Settings menu for PC when a gamepad is detected.
- Fixed blank screenshots on Windows when Anti-Aliasing is enabled.
- Fixed VR settings not getting properly reloaded when a gamepad is detected.
- Fixed plugin issues when changing HUD options to hide touch-region discs or changing the size of the regions.
- When a player with a passenger enters a sector and they are hated by the monitoring faction, and the passenger is also hated by the same faction, the passenger no longer gets ejected.

Lots of tweaks. The Android gamepad curves should provide a valuable improvement on that platform.

Similarly, let us know how the new Gamepad Settings menu works for you on the PC? It should be a big improvement, but like any major new item, it may have some aspects that need tweaking. The menu is another step towards supporting use-cases like Steam Big Picture, or generally allowing more convenient re-mapping of gamepad controls while in VR, etc.

There's a newsletter in the works, as well as another ship-update, and more. Hopefully next week, but we'll see how it goes.

Have a great weekend, everyone!